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Project Information

"9-Eyes of Google Street View"
Solo Show for artist Jon Rafman April, 2011
Involvement: Curation, management, design
PR: Jeroen Smeets
Management and Production: Sid Lee Collective
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I first heard about 9 eyes from a twitter post:
"this site is so addictive, can't stop scrolling!"

I clicked the link and was plunged headfirst into an endless stream of poetically stunning images. The realisation that these are painstakingly found and extracted from Google Street View distills the images' power into something raw, immediate and accessible.

"Its anonymity reflects in the most transparent way our world. It's photography as it was intended: the least influence from the photographer, and maximum reality."

In the spirit of the Sid Lee Collective I organised Jon Rafman's first solo show with his project '9 Eyes of Google Street View'. The result was a sweaty packed night of over 400 guests from the advertising and art worlds shuffling together, sold work, Jon invited to guest lecture at the Van Gogh museum and being listed in Creativity online's 2011 top 50 to look out for.

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